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Hanger Packers and RHR Scab Liners

Liner Hanger Packers, Type D and D Boll Weevil


The Stuckey’s Specialty Tools hanger packer is used when the liner is not to be cemented. As the liner is suspended, the seal is compressed to pack off against the casing. They serve both as hangers and as packers. The two type differ only in method of setting. Type D is set by picking up, turning to unlatch the jay and lowering the running-in string. The type D Boll Weevil hanger packer is used where pipe rotation is impractical, as it is set entirely by vertical movement. To suspend and pack off the liner, the hanger packer is raised enough to engage the dog springs over the sliding sleeve, then the running-in string is lowered until the slips support the liner.

RHR Scab Liners


The use of packers at both top and bottom of short liners permits sealing off holes or bad places in production casing strings. A type D or type D Boll Weevil liner hanger may be placed at the bottom of the liner for a seal and support. The top seal may be a Stuckey type C, P, CR, or PR. The bottom seal is compressed by liner weight and the top seal by A C-2 setting tool.

The new RHR scab liner assembly provides maximum I.D. through the liner. It is run on a jay type setting tool and sets by right hand rotation. The bottom packer sets first, a pin shears in the top packer with continued torque and then it is set.

When a scab liner is to be set near the bottom of the well, a straight, pin type packer canvas element (type F), with tail pipe extending to well bottom, may be used in place of the pack-off type liner hangers. The pin packer is compressed by applying weight to the shoulder on a mid string setting sleeve located in the liner above the packer.

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