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About us

Stuckey’s Specialty Tools is API Spec. 7-1-0318 certified and has been doing business for over thirty years. We are owned and managed by a professional engineer with over fifty years experience. Stuckey’s Specialty Tools designs and manufactures specialized equipment for the drilling and production industry.

Our product line includes all newly manufactured Casing Scrapers, Marine and Internal Casing Cutting Equipment, Section Mills, Underreamers, Packer Retrieving Tools, and Bowen Type Spears, Mills and various types of fishing tools. We also manufacture various types of Packers and Liner Hanger equipment as well as other production tools. Since we have our own machine shop facilities, we have the capability and knowledge of manufacturing any special customer requirements.

All material certification papers are supplied with delivery of the equipment. Only harden and ground thread gauges are used to machine all connections that are manufactured according to all API standards and specifications.

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