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Casing Scrapers

Best Type Casing Scraper


Stuckey's Specialty Tools' casing scrapers are used to clean mud, rust, mill scale, cement, paraffin, and any other foreign material from inside the casing walls. Our casing scrapers are manufactured new from heat treated alloy steel. The scraper blades are arranged for complete 360 degree full circumference. Sizes range from 2" to 20" casing.

Roto-Vert Casing Scraper


The Roto-Vert casing scraper is ideal to remove cement sheath, scale, perforating burrs, and other foreign substances from the inside walls of casing. The body and blade blocks of the Roto-Vert are machined from solid bar stock. The blade blocks are hardened by heat treatment to provide maximum strength and working life for the scraper.

The Roto-Vert operates successfully when rotated or reciprocated vertically either on drill pipe or tubing. The angle and direction of shear on the scraping edges of the blades guarantee that no imperfections are bypassed. Sizes range from 3 1/2" to 16" casing.

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