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'R-3' Single Grip Packer

'R-3' Single Grip Retrievable Casing Packer


In wells where excessive bottom-hole pressure is not expected, the Single-Grip ‘R-3' is the answer to your need for a setdown, retrievable packer. From the packing elements down, the ‘R-3' single-grip is identical to the double-grip model. Running, setting, and releasing procedures are the same for both packers.

To set the packer: the ‘R-3' is set by picking up, rotating to the right, and then slacking off on the tubing. Setdown weight closes and seals the bypass valve, sets the slips, and packs off the packing elements.

To release the packer: picking up the tubing releases the packer (no rotation required). When the tubing is raised, the bypass valve opens to permit circulation through and around the packer. When the tubing string is raised to the full length of the packer.

The J-pins (on the bottom sub) are oriented for automatic re-engagement. By then lowering the tubing slightly, the J-pin engages the J-slot thus assuring complete release and preventing accidental resetting while retrieving the packer.


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