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Stuckey’s Specialty Tools is a manufacturer specializing in downhole
drilling tools for the oilfield and environmental industries.



Water Well
Waste Disposal

2511 Lauder Rd. Houston, TX 77039 

Phone: 281-590-8628      

Fax: 281-590-8630

Stuckey’s Specialty Tools is API Spec. 7-1-0328 certified and manufacturers specialized downhole tools for oilfield and environmental industries.  We are owned and managed by a professional engineer with over fifty years experience. Based in Houston, Texas, Stuckey's Specialty Tools has our own machine shop facilities and we are current with the newest machining technology available.

Stuckey's can manufacture to specific customer requirements and has experience with all types of fishing, production and specialized downhole tools.

We can manufacture to specialized customer requirements.

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